In the 1930s, a woman named Flora Mae Statler owned a patch of land which, she said, would “never amount to anything.” She even told her daughter that she would be “surprised” if it did. Fast forward to this new century and the city of Surprise, AZ has certainly debunked its own founder’s observations. REALTORS in Surprise, AZ will agree that there is much to see and do here than ever before. If ol’ Flora Mae were still alive, she would certainly have been pardon the pun surprised.
Here are just some of the great places to visit in Surprise, AZ:


15830 N. Bullard Avenue
Every spring, baseball fans flock to Surprise Stadium to watch some of their favorite Major League teams in action. Two of them the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers use the 50-hectare expanse of the stadium as their venue for spring training.
Off-season, the stadium is also used for other local sports tournaments. Then again, sports isn’t the only thing you can watch here Surprise Stadium is also a venue for several local events like Independence Day fireworks displays, festivals, and other big social gatherings in the said city.


14469 W. Paradise Lane
If hitting a ball with a bat isn’t your thing then maybe hitting a ball with a racquet is. Then you’ll feel right at home in the Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex. All 27 courts 25 for tennis and 2 for racquetball are well-maintained and provide great traction. Thus, it comes as no surprise that this facility is a venue for many professional tournaments and a member of the US Tennis Association.
The said facility also provides lessons for anyone of any age who wants to build their game in tennis, pickleball, and racquetball.


15495 W. Bell Road Suite 104
It is said that kids of today lack physical play but not here in Surprise, AZ, thanks to Luv 2 Play. Spanning a floor space of 8,600 square feet, this expansive indoor play facility has all the kiddie amenities to keep your youngsters active. These include slides, tunnels, a ball blaster arena, and much, much more. There are sections for toddlers and babies, as well as an area where kids can pretend to be anyone they want to be from a doctor to a stage actor.
While the kids are busy at play, parents can wait in a comfortable relaxing area where they can unwind and mingle over their favorite drinks. There is also an eating area where the whole family can grab a bite in between or after play sessions.


16126 N. Civic Center Plaza Suite 102
For a taste of culture and art that’s truly a pleasant surprise, come and visit the West Valley Arts Council. Not a week goes by without splendid events featuring the best entertainers, musicians, and theater performers from the area. Its Arts HQ Gallery, meanwhile, stages exciting exhibits from local talents in its 2,500-square-foot gallery space.

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