Being comfortable in one’s home used to mean simply having a roof on your head and a bed to lie down on. Now, the benchmark for comfort has been raised by several notches. Several key factors have led to the development of smart technology for the home front:
  • Convenience at the touch of a button
  • Better home security
  • The need for immediate notifications of emergencies at home (e.g., fire, accidents among family members, visitors dropping in unannounced, etc.)
  • Changing climate conditions
Thus, with these emerging needs, more people are leaning toward buying homes equipped with these digital tools.
That said, here are the various circumstances where smart home technology is changing the face of real estate today.

The Spectrum of Potential Buyers is More Diverse

Gone are the days when people used to think of a home as “too expensive” if fitted with contraptions that buzz, zing, or move on their own. Now, a greater number of people understand the value of these smart home features and are seeking these in homes they’d like to have.

The Appeal is Strong

This should be a great takeaway if you’re looking for tips for selling your home. Several studies have revealed that millennial homebuyers are currently dominating the real estate market. This generation is known to be more adept with the nuances of the Internet and digital technologies. They are not averse to the latest new gadget that is out on the market. If they appreciate the digital treasures installed in your home, they will most likely make an offer.

Smart Devices Raise Home Value

It’s not much the device itself that gives the boost to a property’s value but its marketability. Let’s place it in this context: imagine two homes for sale in the same neighborhood that are similar in size and amenities. However, one of them has smart security cameras installed by the doorway. Simply emphasizing its 24/7 security on top of its standard amenities will be enough to draw in buyers by the droves, essentially taking the thunder away from the other home with no such feature. And because automated homes garner more attention than regular ones.

Homes With Smart Tech Don’t Stay Long in the Market

The pull of technology is very strong, especially in this increasingly connected world. Thus, a home fitted with the latest in communications, artificial intelligence, and connectivity will shine like a diamond in a sea of listed houses for sale. The temptation to buy it at the soonest will simply be too strong to resist, especially for those familiar with the convenience that these homes can bring.

Sure-Win Smart Devices to Boost Home Value

Apart from smart security cameras, here are other smart home devices to consider for your home:
  • Motion sensors. Intruders dare not make a nasty move.
  • Climate as you like it within the confines of your own home.
  • Garage door openers. You never have to leave your car to open the garage door again.
  • Smart lighting. Dim it. Illuminate it. Control it with the sound of your voice or a clap.
  • Smart locks. Keyless entry and for residents only.
  • Smoke detectors. Where there’s smoke, there’s a notification on your phone and the local fire station’s distress call system.

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